Dragon Boats originated from China's Southern Guangdong Province and as a sport the boats have been raced in China for over 2,000 years.

When racing, Dragon boats accommodate up to 21 participants in each boat which includes a drummer and helm.

At Haven Banks we operate sessions with a maximum of 18 children or young people or a maximum of 16 adults (16 maximum for mixed age groups). In all cases, we recommend a minimum of 12 participants to effectively propel the boat.

Dragon Boating makes for a fantastic team-orientated activity, where timing, cohesion and group co-operation are key to success.

Teams sit in the boat on either side and propel the 48 feet/15 metre boat at speeds of up to 12 mile per hour using a single bladed paddle.

Dragon Boats offer groups a great introduction to paddlesport with leisurely ventures down the canal or on to the river or timed challenges over set distances.

For larger, more competitive and energetic groups, up to 3 boats and crews can be matched together to run a series of races on Exeter Quayside. This makes for a great corporate event.


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