Qualifications, Training and Accreditation

Haven Banks offers an array of full and part-time training, assessments and accreditation opportunities in a variety of activities and disciplines.

National Governing Body Practical and Shore-Based Courses

Throughout the year there is  a full programme of National Governing Body training and assessment courses.

  • British Canoeing (formerly the British Canoe Union)
  • Royal Yachting Association. (RYA)
  • Mountain Training England. (MTE)
  • Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme. (MIAS)
  • National Navigation Award Scheme. (NNAS)
  • National Indoor Climbing Wall Award Scheme. (NICAS)
  • First Aid International. (FAI)


Further Education Courses

Full-time Further Education for those aged 16+ allow students to gain National Governing Body awards alongside their full-time academic studies.

Level 2 Courses

Outdoor Adventurous Activities (Sport)

Outdoor Education Apprenticeships

Level 3 Courses

Sport (Outdoor Adventure)

Higher Education

Applied Outdoor Adventure