Corporate, Company and Colleagues

A corporate away day at Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre offers companies and businesses and their associated workforce and colleagues a totally unique experience and is an ideal option as an incentive or reward.

Whether for team building, conference, strategy meetings, management training, product or project launch, client entertainment, celebrating success or just a fun day out away from the workplace, time spent away from the office can be highly rewarding giving individuals the chance to focus on specific issues which will assist in corporate success or boosting morale with colleagues interacting in a fun environment.

We will tailor the programme and event to your exact needs and, if you have an alternative to our usual range of activities, we will design you a customised activity for your exclusive use.

Our experienced team will liaise with you at all times prior to and during the event to ensure that you have a truly special day.

Our corporate away days give you the opportunity to build trust and relationships amongst your team. Take the team away from the office and you'll be amply rewarded. Get invaluable insights into personalities and watch how your employees handle different tasks, activities and situations. Give them the chance to learn new skills that can be transferred to the office. Oh, and did we mention you'll get to have some fun as well?

If you would like discuss Corporate opportunities or to arrange a visit, please complete our online enquiry form, telephone 01392 400150 or email us: