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Haven Banks - Higher Education

Higher Education

Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre (Exeter College) offers a variety of full-time Outdoor and Adventurous Activity Courses.

Courses contains both theory and practical elements with the programme of study specifically designed to progress students to higher academic and practical qualifications and/or to operate within the fields of Outdoor Adventure, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Activity.

You will study at the new state of the art £5.6M Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre on the Quay in Exeter. Lectures will be both theoretical and practical. Assessment will be through coursework which will be compiled in a variety of ways including: written, photographic and practical. Some of the work may require students to undertake their own research using the Internet, books and journals which are all available at Exeter College.

Higher Education - Foundation Degree

Applied Outdoor Adventure 2 year course.

This two year programme will teach you valuable practical and theoretical skills to be able to operate within the fields of Outdoor Adventure, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Activity.

The Outdoor Adventure programme enables students to obtain the knowledge and qualifications required for employment and careers in the adventure industry. The Faculty operates within a fully functioning ‘State of the Art’ Outdoor Education Centre within the heart of Exeter City itself. This unique learning environment ensures that all students have hands on experience of working and operating within the real world of Outdoor Education. Throughout the programme all students will be fully supported and encouraged to work towards and achieve their goals and ambitions.

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Further Information

University Level  Study general information http://www.exe-coll.ac.uk/HE/ 

16-18 Course and general information http://www.exe-coll.ac.uk/1618/

Outdoor Education Course information - http://www.exe-coll.ac.uk/1618/Subjects/OutdoorAdventure


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