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Haven Banks - Artificial Caving

Artificial Caving

Haven Banks's artificial caving system situated within our caving and climbing enclosure is suited to all ages and makes a fantastic alternative activity regardless of the weather outside. Fifty metres of replicated and realistic interlinking passageways stretching through intricate twists and turns provides the real cave exploration experience.

Whether you are a spelunker, a potholer, a caver or simply looking for a new adventure, we have just the thing for you. So don your hard hat and torch and check out the artificial, tunnels and passageways at Haven Banks.

Caving requires skilful manoeuvring of your body and will strengthen your core and upper body, as well as mentally stimulate your brain cells. The realistic cave passageways include stalactites, stalagmites and columns. A chamber able to accommodate 6-8 people, a sump where the usual water is replaced with balls to give that realistic "duck and dive" experience before continuing your adventures.

Sessions for artificial and real caving can be booked privately or on one of our Adult Courses or Easter, October, February & May Half-Terms or throughout the Summer Holiday Activity weeks.

Additionally, this is a fantastic activity for birthday parties, especially if combined with a climbing wall session or a Powerfan Descent! If you and your group enjoy artificial caving we also run “real” caving experiences both within Devon and also the Mendip Hills. 

artificial caves

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